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Sales Skills for Engineers and Scientists

Referral based Marketing: Understanding the Process of Business Development

Driving Sales Growth With Follow-up Systems

Using Professional Associations to Build Your Business and Advance Your Career

Social Media as a Business Development Tool

Sales Skills for Job Seekers

Sales Skills for Engineers and Scientists

Do you need to build the revenue of your consulting practice or small business by increasing your sales?

This seminar will introduce the process of selling; provide the basic understanding of sales and how to create a sales process that supports a successful business. Discuss unique circumstances and individual sales challenges through exercises and handouts to build sales skills.

Workshop participants will learn:SALES SCIENTIST

  •       The difference between Marketing & Sales
  •       The step by step sales process
  •       Uncovering leads & information gathering
  •       Cold calling
  •       Relationship building
  •       Discovering client needs and hot buttons
  •       Answering objections
  •       Closing the sale

Referral based Marketing:Understanding the Process of Business Development

If you don’t like to sell, a great option is to build your referral network, and get referrals from past clients, people you know, and groups you are involved in. You have a much better chance of closing business from a referral then other sources. In this class you will learn easy to apply techniques to find the sources you all ready have for building referrals and create a systematic referral based marketing plan to grow your referral base.

Learn how to systematically build a referral based marketing program.

  • What is a referral based marketing program and how can it drive business growth
  • Why some people get great referrals and others do not
  • What is a good referral for you and your business
  • Where to look for referrals and use professional associations
  • How to ask for referrals
  • Effective Follow-up

There will be a breakout during the workshop. The breakout will provide the attendees with an exercise designed to bring clarity to their selling process. The breakout will focus on creating a process for engineers to build a professional referral network.

Driving Sales Growth With Follow-up Systems

A systematic way of networking, handling leads, and organizing contacts is key to driving sales to your business. Learn how to create a successful sales support system with inexpensive tools that will enhance your business, qualify leads and reduce the sale cycle. In this workshop attendees will learn how to:

  •       Develop a systematic approach to managing your sales follow-up activities
  •       Transform business cards into a professional network of organized contacts
  •       Plan follow-up activities that will lead to success
  •       Create and implement a simple yet successful sales support system
  •       Effective ways to increase sales by improving how you manage contact information
  •       Track the key data needed to build relationships that create value
  •       Integrate the data base functions of your software tools, to support your sales efforts

Using Professional Associations to Build Your Business and Advance Your Career

There are well over 100,000 professional associations in the United States.  Joining an organization is a financial investment that requires significant time in order to leverage the professional benefits.  Understand if you’re investing wisely and how to make each membership more effective for your business growth.

In this workshop Paul Hutchinson shows participants:

  •       How to evaluate and select the right organizations
  •       How to identify your goals
  •       When to attend events
  •       When to volunteer/when to become a member
  •       How to participate and network effectively
  •       How to showcase your skills and abilities
  •       How to build your reputation as an expert


Social Media as a Business Development Tool

Facebook, LinkedIn, Blogs, Twitter, YouTube… oh my! This informative workshop will help attendees understand what they need to focus on in order to leverage the fast pace social world for their business.

In this workshop attendees will learn:

  •       What are the potential benefits of social media for your small business
  •       Which media to choose for your business
  •       How to budget for implementation and updating
  •       How to use social media most effectively
  •       How much time to devote to social media
  •       How to set up your social media

Sales Skills for Job Seekers

How can you improve your job search results and reduce the stress and disappointments that accompany the job search?

In this presentation, we will touch on some of the basic concepts of selling and how to use those strategies in the job search.

Attendees will leave with the following:

  •       An understanding of what a sales process is and how it relates to a job search
  •       An understanding of available tools for controlling and monitoring progress
  •       A way to develop your own process for tracking and measuring progress
  •       Relationship building for the job seeker
  •       How to evaluate your search efforts and overcome procrastination


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