Results? You bet!  “Wins” are up from a 25-30% win rate to 80-90% win rate, with every lead a solid lead. He coached me on how to respond to a sales call.  I have stayed with it [the process and the tools] I learned.               

Civil Engineer new to selling


 Paul’s experience in the selection of technology saved me months of time and thousands of dollars.

President, professional association


Paul gave us a language to talk about sales.

Small business owner


He has a demeanor that makes you feel, “I can do that.” He presents things in a digestible way that’s attainable.  He’s approachable, helpful and always willing to listen.

Workshop attendee


He’s local, a face-to-face sales coach at a fair price.  Paul is affable, engaging, thoughtful, kind, flexible, adaptable, smart and smart about sales, tolerant, informal, and friendly.



It’s been very successful. Students would sign up just to take a class with him.  With Paul, we’ve been able to recognize the importance for our individual clients of getting together and networking. We now hold ongoing networking meetings that include an orientation, a local business owner presentation and networking.                                                      

Chamber of Commerce programming executive


Paul was fun to work with!  He’s pretty clear about communicating to neophytes what it takes to sell. He gave me structure and he gave me hope.

Workshop attendee


My expectations were exceeded.                 

Business owner


Paul listened extremely well to my needs, crafted a program that took advantage of his experience, but targeted to my needs. He was fun to work with, which elevates the energy level and creates connection. 



I had problems with infrastructure, roles, resources.  We were using archaic systems, unsupported by software.  I had never been an executive director before.  [Paul] helped us find inexpensive resources for software.  He helped me understand group dynamics, power, strategic alliances.  He’s played an instrumental role in who I’ve become as Executive Director.

Association Executive Director


Looking for a speaker

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What our clients say…

My expectations were exceeded.

— Business owner

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