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Paul R. Hutchinson has developed a series of insightful and proven sales training programs to help your company grow.  Integrating real client case studies, Paul leads sales software packages and sales process approaches in an engaging, informative and lively workshop

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Business Development

Working together with Paul Hutchinson, clients will participate in the review of their business objectives, current business development approaches and sales strategies to understand the potential sales with current and future clients.  This data and discussion driven audit provides recommended enhancements to improve client processes, marketing channels, methods, sales databases and sales infrastructure processes.



Through one on one conversation, Paul guides clients to increase their revenue through developing strategic solutions that maximize their organization’s resources and sales support decision-making positions.  Private and public firm principals, CFO’s and sales executives currently use Paul’s private coaching services.

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By PAUL R. HUTCHINSON 9 September 2015

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What our clients say…

It’s been very successful. Students would sign up just to take a class with him. With Paul, we’ve been able to recognize the importance for our individual clients of getting together and networking… We now hold ongoing networking meetings that include an orientation, a local business owner presentation and networking.

— Chamber of Commerce programming executive

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