Fotolia_66994786_XS image A1Paul R. Hutchinson is a management consultant with a passion for mentoring others on sales. He has developed a series of insightful sales mentoring programs to help your company grow.  He is familiar with leading sales software packages and sales process approaches, and he integrates current client approaches into his sales process improvement workshops and consulting.  His presentation style is lively, informative, and consistently receives high recommendations from participants.

Paul works one-on-one with individuals in important sales and sales support decision-making positions  to help them develop strategic solutions that maximize their organization’s resources – leading to increased revenues.  This private coaching service is currently used by  firm principals, CFO’s and sales executives.

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By PAUL R. HUTCHINSON 9 September 2015

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What our clients say…

…Paul’s experience … in the selection of technology … saved me months of time and thousands of dollars.

— President, professional association

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