Consultant looking for more clients

Hutchinson Consulting worked with an independent consultant seeking to increase sales and acquire more clients. The consultant felt frustrated that she did not have clear goals for her business, and did not have an effective description of her services. Hutchinson Consulting gave the consultant exercises to complete that helped guide the consultant to first identify her core service brand, and then to have a more complete description of the services.

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Non-profit expanding its membership

Hutchinson Consulting worked with a non-profit organization in the Boston area that sought to expand its membership. One obstacle was that the group did not have an efficient database system to keep track of its current members. Membership information was

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Looking for a speaker

Tapping Into Your Personal Network Can Help Build Your Business

These three tips will save you time and money

By PAUL R. HUTCHINSON 9 September 2015

Sales Skills for Engineers Articles

Tips on what it takes to succeed

By JOHN R. PLATT 9 July 2012

What our clients say…

Paul, confirmed our fears and frustrations, proposed concrete steps that could be taken, had a system that explained the goals in simple ways, espoused low pressure sales which I was comfortable with and could understand how to do, and reassured us that we could sell effectively and reduce our anxiety.

- CEO of High Tech startup

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